This website and program are closed. The handbooks are still available through bookstores, and onlikne booksellers, worldwide.
Disaster Response Course for Citzens/

This one-day (6-hour) course contains critical essentials to save lives in major disaster such as earthquake or terrorist attackin the first minutes and hours, the time when the most lives are either saved or lost. Norrmal 911 services will be overwhelmed, and the waiting period for help may be from 24 hours to 3 days. Most of the deaths occur in the first 3 to 30 minutes. A study by the College of Emergency Surgeons found that about 40% of those who had a chance to survive in multi-casualaty events but died in the first hours or days, could have been kept alive by simple first aid actions, IF they were done soon. Disaster First Aid is designed to save those lives that are lost while waiting.

Disaster First Aid© is designed for citizen response to major earthquakes, explosions, destructive storms, building collapse, or terrorist attack. The DFA course is complete but concise, practical and do-able by almost anyone from age 14 to seniors. It includes some of the same disaster protocols and practices routinely used by Fire Department and ambulance EMTs and Paramedics, scaled-down to citizen level.

You can Teach this course. Nurses, coaches, EMTs, Paramedics, firefighters, camp counselors, Eagle Scouts, lifeguards, CPR & First Aid instructors, and ordinary citizens in all walks of life.

Anyone Can Save Lives
Standard Disaster Response protocols of EMT and Paramedic, scaled down to citizen level of ability and resources.
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