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Resources and Links

Association of Bay Area Governments.
ABAG Earthquake Maps and Information.

Berkeley Fire Dept. Office of Emergency Services C.E.R.T. Free training classes to anyone over 18 who lives or works in Berkeley.

Berkeley Seismological Laboratory- detailed up to minute EQ information.

California Governor's Office of Emergency Services EQ Program- Henry Renteria, Director.

California Office of Emergency Services Earthquake Program, Disaster assistance, photo library, PressReleases. Updated daily.

Cal State University Dept of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

C.E.R.T. is "Community Emergency Response Training" Helps neighborhoods establish response teams to take care of each other in major emergencies when normal 911 Emergency Services are overhwhelmed.

Center For Disease Control - Excellent information on triage and treatment of trauma, crush, blast wave, and tsunami injuries.

Citizen Heroes - The real story - Cypress Freeway Collapse, 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. The official account Oakland Fire Department eyewitness report.

Disaster Prep 101 - Website, book, and free articles, links, and Resources for citizen and business disaster preparedness and response to many different kinds of natural disasters.

Federal Emergency Management Agency. Information, updated daily. Hazard reports, photo library.

Fire Science Online, Resources for Education in Public Safety vocations such as Fire Service, EMT, Paramedic, Disaster Planning and Disaster Management.

Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. Read the citizens eyewitnesses accounts of their actual experiences of the disaster.

OSHA Resources and Guides On many kinds of emergencies, including Anthrax, Chemical Hazards, Terrorism, Oil Spills, Pandemic Influenza, and Radiation.

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network
A great site to see all the most recent shaking going on in our backyard.

OSHA Resources and Guides On many kinds of emergencies, including Anthrax, Chemical Hazards, Terrorism, Oil Spills, Pandemic Influenza, and Radiation.

US Fire Administration To Enhance Wildland Fire Preparedness.

U.S. Geological Survey With Clickable map for Regional Studies and State, national, or international information on earthquakes.

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country
From USGS.
Handbook Explains how to prepare for, survive, and recover fromEarthquakes. A multilingual, abridged version is available in two editions: English/Spanish; and English/Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean.

Flood Preparedness and Safety Guide. This is a commercial Flood-Damage cleanup service, but it has good free information about how to prepare and minimize damge to your home & property and personal safety.

WHAT IS DFA?A new kind of First Aid,  Essentials-only,  designed for disaster

INSTRUCTOR  KITTeaching materials,  Instructor Guide, forms,  80-slide Powerpoint Presentation

WHY ISN'T STANDARD FIRST AID ENOUGH ?It's built on the assumption that  ambulance or E.R. will be available quickly...

About DISASTER TRIAGEHow to do the most good for the most people...

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