Disaster First Aid: A different kind of First Aid, designed for disaster.
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The Disaster First Aid Training System is a book, a one-day course, and an Instructor Kit of teaching materials and how-to instructions, with a detailed 80-slide Powerpoint presentation.

These simple but critical skills and information have the potential to save millions of lives that are lost needlessly from having to wait too long for help. In many cases the first lifesaving steps could have been done by almost anyone from age 12 to 75, if they knew what to do and did it soon, instead of the 24 hours to 3 days most people will have to wait in a multu-casualty event such as earthquake when 911 will be overwhelmed.


Disaster First Aid is the first professionally written experience-based citizen-level First Aid course for large-scale emergencies.
It’s practical, compact, and relevant to today’s world. This course parallels and interfaces directly with the Disaster Plans and Protocols used by Public Safety Agencies in California and most of the United States, such as state and local Offices of Emergency Services (OES, OEM) Ambulance, Police and Fire Departments, and Emergency Rescue Teams.

Disaster First Aid is multi-level learning, set up in a logical sequence of topic-packages; each of which has a lecture segment, a “live” demonstration, and a guided hands-on group practice. Through the hands-on practice component, not only the mind, but the neuromuscular system of the body also learns. What the body knows, the mind will recollect even under stress.

This is NOT “Standard” First Aid. Standard or Basic First Aid will not be much help in a disaster because both are based on the assumption that professional Medical help will be available quickly. In a major disaster when a great many are injured, that probably will be impossible. Basic and Standard First Aid courses do not include the most important actions, such as Rapid Triage, nor the time-bound priorities required to actually save lives or prevent the loss of injured limbs when medical help is delayed or unavailable.

Disaster First Aid is specific for multi-casualty disaster, and is the only course that teaches non-professionals what to do when normal 911 Emergency Services are overwhelmed and cannot immediately help everyone who needs immediate help. This course provides accurate, life-saving information and skills for the average non-medical person. It is critical information presented clearly and simply in plain words.

Disaster First Aid was written by an experienced Adult Education Teacher and Emergency Medical caregiver. She is a former Firefighter, Fire Training Officer, Emergency Medical Services Officer, and Hospital E.R. Emergency Medical Technician with more than 25 years of hospital and field experience.

The information and techniques in this course are standard protocols used by many Disaster Response Public Safety Agencies, adapted to citizen-level use. They are not a substitute for professional medical or emergency care at any time when that is available.

This course is designed and intended for volunteers and non-professionals. It is not a certification course, and no cards or certificates shall be issued by Disaster First Aid LLC.

Cards and/or certificates in recognition of Course Completion may issued by and under the name, title, and responsibility of the teaching agency.

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